Use Your Business Revenue To Maximize Your Personal Net Worth

We simplify Wealth Planning by shouldering the burden of analysis and legal coordination.

Pay Less in Taxes

Uncover Risks

Reach Financial Independence

Are You Sure You’re On The Right Path To Reach Your Goals?

Paying too much in taxes

Paying too much in fees

Portfolio at-risk

Not enough liquidity

No legal way to protect assests

Operational expenses are too high

Unprepared for acquisition

The business has a low cost basis

You Should Never Have To Wonder If You’re On Track To Meet Your Financial Goals

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How much risk can you tolerate?

How can I inventory my financial universe?

Where am I in relationship to my Goal?

How We Help You Get To Your Destination

Investment Audit

Are you getting the most out of your investments? We can review your existing investments and give you a second opinion.

Situation Resolution

Have a problem with a specific financial tool you’re using? We can help you analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve specific situations.

Full-Service Wealth Planning

Are you using business revenue to maximize personal net worth? We simplify wealth planning by shouldering the burden of analysis and legal coordination.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Your Itinerary



Through calls and documentation we ascertain the scope your financial topography map and clarify your goals, challenges, and current tools.



We analyze and quantify your holdings, tools and structures, map your current location in relation to your goals, and define the steps needed to arrive safely at your destination.



As we travel together, we regularly optimize your investment allocations and corporate structure(s) while overcoming specific obstacles to growing your net worth.



We stick with you with proactive Quarterly Reviews and as-needed meetings anytime.


Standing Oak Financial Advisors

Time is money and it’s easy for business owners to get bogged down by ever-changing rules and endless investing options. At Standing Oak Financial Advisors, we simplify investing by shouldering the burden of analysis and legal coordination so owners can use business revenue to maximize personal net worth.

Scott Eichler is a well-known financial advisor and author in Southern California. His educational workshops have been widely attended by thousands of retirees and pre-retirees throughout LA, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Scott has developed a specialty in helping families realize their dream of financial independence through formula-based investment planning and the creation of “The Financial Guidebook” process. This step by step framework helps business owners, pre-retirees and retirees better maximize the value of their assets. Using this process, Scott has been able to help his clients create dramatically more efficient portfolios, save more money, legally minimize taxes, and allow them to live the kind of financially independent lives they dream about.