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Tax Preparation Los Angeles

Tax Preparation Los Angeles

There are a lot of changes in laws and regulations related to tax preparation to get a tax return. It's a complex issue that should be dealt with under professional help. National tax preparers of America are leading experts for tax return preparation in LA CA. Here are frequently asked questions that can help you get answers to your question.


Q) How long do you keep my tax records on file?

We keep your tax records till your account is active or until you need our assistance and hire us as tax preparers. We maintain complete confidentiality in our customer's records. We follow our policies and legal obligations and to resolve the dispute we secure your tax documents. According to the IRS, we are required to keep your tax return records for 3 years.

Q) Who are your accountants?

Our accountants are highly qualified in the field. They are hand-selected, fully trained to provide tax preparation service in Los Angeles, and have the mindset to completely dedicate their efforts to provide their services in customer's interest. We hire skilled professionals who have dealt with international tax matters and have immense knowledge regardless of where they live.

Q) Why do I need a tax preparer?

Filing for a tax return can be frustrating for many of you. Leaving on our reputable tax consultants in Los Angeles you free yourself from stress. Moreover, with the changing policies, we are abreast of all changes and are fully upgraded with software to meet IRS standards allowing you to maximize the benefit from our techniques in a tax refund. Furthermore, we completely help in resolving and handling complex tax circumstances and answer your query calmly.

Q) What records should I keep along with my tax return file?

To avoid chances of getting into trouble with inspections and audits because of missing documents, we suggest our client keep the tax deduction documents as proof. These documents should also be protected:

  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Canceled Checks, invoices, and receipts
  • Mileage log Meal expenses or other expenses endure for business purpose
  • With the receipts, noncash contributions and donations are verified.

Q) My tax refund status can be checked?

In many ways, you can check the tax refund status. State of California franchise tax board (FTB) and IRS are mediums you can turn to check. If you have submitted tax online it will take 7 to 10 working days to procure a tax refund and 8 to 12 days after if you have mailed your return.

Q) What are the deadlines for filing returns?

You should always keep deadlines in your mind to diminish the chances of additional cost waiting down the road. If you skip the deadline a petition for a 6-month extension or 5-month extension is implied. In another scenario, if the deadline is meeting on the weekend it is automatically forwarded to Monday. Deadlines for California tax return are

  • W-2 and 1099 Forms - Must employers are obliged to mail before January 31st
  • Personal Returns - April 15th
  • Business Returns - March 15th
  • Partnership and LLC Returns - April 15th
  • Self-Employed Tax Returns for Business Tax Renewal - Last day of February
  • Employer Payroll Forms & Taxes - Required every quarter on April 30th, July 31st, October 31st, and January 31st

"Tax preparer near me" is a frequent question people search on google. You are on the right platform as you can approach us for no.1 tax assistance in Los Angele. We can handle any issue related to tax for individuals, small business,s, and large businesses. Get rid of this stress and contact us. 18006760301

Tax Preparation Los Angeles
Tax Preparation Los Angeles
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