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Maryland Wage Garnishment

Maryland Wage GarnishmentMaryland wage garnishment is a method by which the IRS or other entity can force you to pay money from your weekly paycheck to satisfy a debt. Garnishment can make it very difficult to pay your other bills. To find out how you may be able to stop such action, call us right now.

Once a garnishment of wages has been served, the employer of the debtor or the garnishee must, within 30 days, reply to the writ, indicating the state of employment of the debtor--whether he or she is employed, and other details like rate of pay and whether he or she has had any prior wage garnishments or not. The employer must also verify the amount of garnishable wages per pay period and in turn withhold the amount from the debtor. The garnishee is also responsible for reporting and distributing the total amount of withheld wages for the month to the creditor. If however, another judgment or garnishment is served, remittance to the subsequent creditor cannot be made until the first garnishment has been paid in full. Maryland Wage Garnishment is a leading group offering their expertise on all issues affecting your Maryland wage garnishment. You may ask the experts about the different options you may have to protect your financial stability and cope with the garnishment.

Additionally the garnishee or employer is responsible for notifying all parties as well as the court if the employee or the debtor is terminated or for some reason, stops working for the company. The garnishment, is therefore terminated 90 days after the termination of employment, unless the employee is re-hired during the period. Explore your options on your Maryland wage garnishment with the help of one of the leading firms specializing in the garnishment of wages, and all other issues that it entails--Maryland Wage Garnishment. Maryland Wage Garnishment

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