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Legal Separation Lawyer Nassau

Legal Separation Lawyer Nassau

Rubinstein Law Firm is a top-rated legal separation lawyer in Nassau with hundreds of positive reviews from past clients. Jacob's impeccable negotiation skills and in-depth understanding of the divorce and separation laws can ensure the best deal possible faster than anywhere else.

How do I get a separation?

You can get a trial or informal separation, which allows you to live apart from your spouse and take the time to evaluate if divorce is what you both ultimately want. Couples can separate for any length of time, and they do not require the court's involvement to do so. You must note that not all states offer legal separation. Speak to a family divorce attorney to help you arrive at an informed decision.

What not to do when you divorce?

Hire a great divorce lawyer in Nassau to receive tips on what to do and what not to do during a divorce. Here are a few pointers:

  • Do not get pregnant during a divorce to avoid complicating things further
  • Update your will as soon as you file for divorce
  • Seek a divorce lawyer's assistance with property division and get the best custody and visitation terms.

How can legal separation help before a divorce?

A legal separation acts as the middle point on your way to divorce. It allows you to resolve specific issues with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, such as custody, visitation, etc. Also, unlike divorce, a legal separation is reversible. For more divorce attorney tips, meet with one of our experienced attorneys today.

What's the difference between separation and divorce?

While both types of arrangements create a space between you and your spouse, there are significant differences between the two. A divorce formally ends your marriage, and you are free to remarry. Alternatively, with separation, you are still legally married to one another and have the right to each other's inheritance.

What is trial separation?

Trial separation occurs when spouses feel like they need a break from their marriage. In a trial separation, you can live apart from one another and decide on the terms of divorce or work on reconciliation. However, you and your spouse will continue to abide by the legal rules that apply to married persons when separated.

Do I need a lawyer for separation?

We recommend choosing a divorce lawyer to help you navigate the legal proceedings and provide valuable advice regarding your relationship and legal options moving forward. While you can choose to reconcile, you will still need a legal professional to understand your rights and responsibilities in such a situation. Furthermore, an attorney can help you plan and agree on issues like visitation, managing finances and debts, child support, custody, spousal maintenance, etc., with your spouse.

Contact Rubinstein Law Firm at 516-268-7077 for a free consultation or visit us to book one. Jacob Rubinstein is a leading legal separation lawyer in Nassau with several years of experience and an impeccable track record in the industry, providing premier customer assistance and unbeaten legal services.

Legal Separation Lawyer Nassau

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