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Hard Money Lenders

Bay Mountain Capital is where you will find the best hard money lenders in TX. If you are interested in acquiring a short-term secured loan from a trusted lending firm that offers flexible rates and terms, consider starting your loan application today with Bay Mountain Capital. Our loan terms can range from 12 months to five years, and we'll give you the capital you need right now.  

Are Hard Money Loans a Good Idea?

One of the reasons that Bay Mountain Capital has an excellent reputation is that we always tell it like it is. We won't mislead you, and if we think that you are not a good candidate for hard money loans in Texas, we'll either inform you of your other options or refer you to another TX hard money lender. We are very up-front about fees, rates, and loan terms. If you need funding for an investment quickly without the red tape that goes along with traditional bank and lending institution financing, contact Bay Mountain Capital and get your loan application started:

Why is it Called a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans have their names because hard money loans are harder to acquire and pay back than soft money loans. Typically, a soft money loan will be issued based on a person's credit score, but hard money lending in TX is based on the property for which the funds are going to be used. Again, a hard money loan is a secured loan, secured by the property that you are seeking funding for.

Do You Need a Down Payment for a Hard Money Loan?

In most cases, a down payment of some sort will be needed to acquire a hard money loan. This is the case with the majority of hard money lenders in Texas. Although hard money loans aren't based on credit scores, we will take a look at your credit score, experience, and other factors to determine how much of a down payment (if any) is required. Typically, Bay Mountain Capital will require around 20% down on the deal.

What Happens if You Default on a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are not for everyone. When you think 'hard money lending in Texas,' also think 'hard luck if you don't pay it back!' When you acquire a hard money loan in TX, you will be required to use the entire property as collateral. If you are unable to pay back the loan on time, we will foreclose on the property. This means that if you have already paid back, say $80k on a $100k loan, then you will lose the entire $80k paid.

Let's Discuss Your Options

You may be able to refinance a hard money loan. More often than not, Bay Mountain Capital will work with our clients so long as they are striving to honor their end of the bargain. IF you would like to speak with a representative of Bay Mountain Capital about private investor loans in Texas, please contact us today.  

Hard Money Lenders
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Hard Money Lenders
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